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Teachers notes - Destination Antarctica

Learning objectives:

  • To consider the attractions of Antarctica as a tourist destination
  • To think about the facility and service needs of different people
  • To analyse the impact of tourism on Antarctica’s environment
  • To consider the future of tourism in Antarctica
  • To practise use of persuasive language
  • To practise graphical skills and interpreting data

This is one of the biggest sections on the site with a whole range of activities. Clearly this section would also work well as a part of a wider unit on the contrasting impact of tourism in different places.

In the download section there is additional data on tourism in Antarctica with suggested questions to analyse and/or use the data to construct a line graph and pie chart.

"Why Antarctica?"

This is a starter activity to encourage students to think about the attractions of Antarctica as a tourist destination. Whether students are working individually or in pairs the download would need to be printed out beforehand.

"A trip of a lifetime"

This is a structured research task that could take 1-2 lessons. Students are required to visit various websites to plan a trip for one of two individuals. There is also an opportunity to use peer-to-peer assessment to review the learning outcomes.

"The future of tourism"

These activities are designed to add a futures dimension to the issue, all based on authentic scenarios. This could be extended by asking students what they think is their ‘possible’ as opposed to ‘preferable’ future for tourism development in Antarctica, and what action would need to be taken to enable their ‘preferable’ future to become a reality.

"Acting responsibly "

This activity builds on The future of tourism to consider responsible tourism in Antarctica. Using the web page template students need to use appropriate language to market the case for responsible tourism based on what they have learned, and with reference to the IAATO guidelines for tourist activity.




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