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Teachers notes - Imagining Antarctica

Learning objectives:

  • To develop a curiosity for learning about Antarctica
  • To instil a sense of awe and wonder
  • To foster skills in literacy/use of language

"Antarctica: The Frozen Continent"

This download could be used alongside any of the activities in this section. It introduces some of the basic facts about Antarctica and the physical processes that shape it.

"Being There"

This activity encourages students to use adjectives to describe a scene in Antarctica.

A useful extension could be a creative writing task to describe an imaginary journey across Antarctica using the word bank and the images. Check out ‘The Big White’ unit of the Australian ‘Classroom Antarctica’ for more ideas for literacy-based activities.

Students could also visit the links section for a variety of live webcam sites.

"Antarctica: The Movie"

This is another creative activity where students have to use their imaginations to choose a site location for a movie.

"Making a trailer"

This is a much more elaborate group activity, where students need to combine video and sound clips, and write a script for a trailer for a movie based in Antarctica. This could be a stand-alone activity or follow on from Antarctica: The Movie.

"Be a film critic "

This activity is designed as a plenary to Making a Trailer using peer-to-peer assessment to review their trailers.


"Teachers only" Downloadables

Wilderness Challenge (with answers)




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