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Welcome to Discovering Antarctica, an education resource for schools, developed by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This is not a ‘scheme of work’ but a resource to dip into depending on your curriculum needs and priorities. You can download links to the National Curriculum for England and exam specifications below.

Download links to the Geography National Curriculum 2014 and GCSE Geography specifications

View the National Curriculum for Geography (KS3) 2014

View the National Curriculum for Science (KS3) 2014

Each of the site’s ten sections is divided into:

  • ‘Icebreaker’ Learning activities to introduce the topic
  • ‘Go with the floe’ Main learning activities
  • ‘Meltdown’ Follow-up learning activities to extend the topic or to review and reinforce the main activities

The learning activities are devised for individual, pair or groupwork. Many are in interactive multimedia format for use either on an Interactive Whiteboard or for students to complete individually.

Wherever possible there are text-based alternatives, usually in Microsoft Word. You can download these to use away from the computer and/or to adapt them to meet your students’ needs. Go to Accessibility for more technical help on using and adapting the site.

The opening page of each section includes:

  • A ‘cool fact’ that relates to the topic
  • A ‘cool clip ’ showing some unique video footage from Antarctica
  • Downloads of featured information sheets (in PDF or Word), images, and audio & video clips that could be used independently
  • A list of all the featured interactive multimedia activities
  • Appropriate links to other sites
  • An ‘Activity Timer’ to set a time limit for an activity on an Interactive Whiteboard
  • A glossary of key words – these are also highlighted in the text to link directly with the glossary

Teachers notes by chapter

Download each chapter for information and tips on the activities in each section to help you plan how to use the site:

Imagining Antarctica - teachers notes

What, where, why? - teachers notes

A changing climate - teachers notes

Beneath the waves - teachers notes

Journey south - teachers notes

Living there today - teachers notes

Destination Antarctica - teachers notes

Under pressure - teachers notes

The Antarctic Treaty - teachers notes

What future? - teachers notes

Pole to pole - teachers notes

Collect data - teachers notes

Understanding Antarctica - teachers notes

Glaciers - teachers notes

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