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8 - Under pressure

Farming Antarctic waters

International laws protect Antarctica’s resources today, but some of them are under pressure all the same.

2 resources - Fish and algae

Launch an enquiry into one of these pressure points. In groups, choose either a focus on fish or bio-prospecting, a new area of science that people have called ‘the gold rush of the 21st century’.

For your resource, find out:

  • How is it used?
  • Why is Antarctica used as a source?
  • Where else in the world could people get it (if anywhere)?
  • What are the issues about using Antarctica’s supplies?
  • What might happen to Antarctica’s supplies if things carry on as they are?
  • What do you think should happen to this resource in Antarctica in the future?
  • What further questions would you like to ask about the resource and how it is used in Antarctica?

For each question, prepare a Powerpoint document to present your findings.

Download the Powerpoint document for Focus on Fish

Download the Powerpoint document for Bio-prospecting

(right click Save target as to download Powerpoint files to your PC for editing your presentation)

Download more information about Focus on fish

Download more information about Bio-prospecting


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