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6 - living there today

Meltdown - The job of a lifetime!

Antarctic field camp


  • Young, healthy and ready for a new challenge?
  • Happy to work long hours?


  • Live without fast food, East Enders, a Playstation and the Premiership?
  • Cope with extreme cold and live with long, dark days and nights?


  • Work well as part of a team?
  • Mix easily with people from different backgrounds and ages?
  • Have a good sense of humour?
  • Enjoy outdoor activities and don’t mind getting your hands dirty?


  • Relish the chance of meeting penguins, seals, whales and albatrosses?

Apply now for a 12-month post working at Halley VI research station, Antarctica. Only applicants under 18 will be considered!

Complete the application form to persuade the recruiters that you (or a friend!) are just the person they are looking for. You might want to use your imagination to sell yourself!

Please note that this is not a real job vacancy and is designed to be a class exercise. To view current British Antarctic Survey job vacancies, go to

Writing home

So you got the job? Write home and let your family know how you're getting on.

Download a postcard template
To help you, download ‘Living and working in Antarctica


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