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Collect data about the land


British Antarctic Survey field science plays a huge part of our quest to understand more about how Antarctica, and the world, works. Field scientists brave the remote, hostile environment for up to three months at a time, living in tents in the middle of the Antarctic wilderness.

Do you have what it takes to venture out into the Antarctic wastes in the name of science? Once you’ve set-up camp, you can travel to a remote, rocky outcrop and record important data about Antarctica’s distant past.

Can you discover if certain parts of the Antarctic Peninsula are made of different rocks? How old are these rocks and how did they come together? Learn about measuring a rock’s angle of strike and what this can tell you about its past.

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A remote rocky outcrop near Rothera Research Station

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Launch a Quicktime Virtual Reality file and explore a remote rocky outcrop near Rothera Research Station.


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Find out more about geological science at the British Antarctic Survey.

Find out more about camping in the Antarctic wilderness.


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