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10 - What future?

Which view of the future? You decide!

In groups of 5-6, you are going to hear from either Sidney Suit or Laura Leaf. They hold very different views on what Antarctica should be like in the future. Listen to the soundclip of one of them and download the text version just in case you missed anything.  


"Dig it up!" says Sidney Suit

Sidney Suit

download the text

"Let it be!" says Laura Leaf

Laura Leaf

download the text


To help you think about this view in different ways, you are all going to wear six different coloured hats.

First, download the hats!

Print out all the pages.

Each hat has a question beneath it, which you should think about when you are wearing that hat. After the hat pages you will find a set of 6 pages that you can use to write down your thoughts on.

  • For your view of the future, all wear the six hats one after the other for up to five minutes each.
  • Wearing each hat, think aloud together and scribble down your ideas in the section of the circle that matches the colour of the hat.
  • Afterwards, feed back your group’s ideas to the rest of the class and listen to the feedback from other groups that chose the other view of the future.
  • How likely is each view of the future for Antarctica?

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