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10 - What future?

Meltdown - Reporting on the future

You are a reporter for a national newspaper. Your brief for the week is to write an article about Antarctica’s future – either looking at a future where Antarctica is used to make money by using its resources, or to keep it as an internationally governed pristine environment.

To write an interesting article, you can use ideas that came out of your discussions in the group activity – use the ideas that came out of each hat as the theme for each paragraph. Perhaps you could end with the red hat, giving your feelings about this future …

Decide whether to report on Sidney Suit's opinions or on Laura Leaf's, and then click one of the options below to download the Newspaper template for the one you've chosen.

Download Sidney Suit

Download Laura Leaf

For a guide to writing up an article on Antarctica’s future in a different way, visit www.sln.org.uk/geography/enquiry/we8.htm


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